Exporting Tableau Visualizations

So you have downloaded the free trial versi​on of Tableau and created beautiful visualizations. You have two options for displaying your visualizations: interactive embeddable Tableau Public charts or static high-resolution images.

Tableau Public

Tableau Public has a free tier that comes with some limitations but allows smaller datasets to be displayed interactively as long as you do not mind making your data available to the public. You'll need to register for a Tableau Public account and download the standalone app in addition to the Tableau Desktop app that you might already have. Running your data sets through the Tableau Public app will publish them to your account and give you embeddable, interactive versions of your visualizations, like this dashboard of 2 interactive maps of San Bernardino and Riverside counties (hovering over tract subdivisions will show you relevant data).

Static High-Resolution Images with Adobe Acrobat

If all you need are static high-resolution images that you can then present on your website or in academic publications, follow these steps: