Getting Started with WordPress

Note: This brief tutorial is specifically for HIST 502 students at California State University San Marcos.

The Library Technology Initiatives team has sent you an email inviting you to activate your WordPress site. Find that email in your inbox and activate your site. Note that this is the same site that you will use for the duration of your time at CSUSM, so try to keep it neatly organized from the start. The library team also created this quick start guide specifically for M.A. students.

WordPress (WP) is fairly intuitive once you get to know its dashboard and capabilities. Get started with this introductory tutorial.

Once you've read through the basics above, let's set up a couple of things right away.

1. Let's select an appropriate theme

2. Let's create a separate blog page

3. Let's activate the plugins

If any of the above didn't work, don't get discouraged—we can troubleshoot some of it during our first class meeting and/or address it in the class Slack channel, which we'll set up on the first day of class. Welcome to HIST 502!